Bulk SMS in Nigeria With Free Units

One way to check the reliability or the authenticity of any bulk sms platform is the provision of free units. Another indication to choosing a reliable bulk smm in Nigeria is the ratio of unit to sms: this aids easy comprehension of how your bulk sms units is deducted on usage.

On Multitexter.com, there is a provision for such feature, where you can send a customized 160-character text message or sms to your phone number or friend’s. This way, you can check the speediness and interface of the sms.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria has influenced the way we carry out our businesses and how we connect with clients and customers. Especially the idea of sending customized free sms reflects authenticity and originality. After clearing the reliability of this bulk sms platform, you will be required to recharge or buy bulk sms units. You can use the following options:

1. Online Payments: You can pay with ATM card in your account. Click Buy Bulk SMS Online or http://www.multitexter.com/epayments/add

bulk sms nigeria

Bulk SMS features you will only find on Multitexter.com

2. Bank Transfer: You can transfer to any of our accounts. Just login into your accounts and follow the instructions here: http://www.multitexter.com/user_payments/bankdeposit

If you have a GTBank Account, you can also transfer by sending *737*1*Amount*0050933658# where you replace amount with the money you want to send to us for SMS units. Ensure you have your atm card handy as you would need the last digits for verification. Also fill the form here (http://www.multitexter.com/user_payments/bankdeposit) afterwards.

3. Mobile Money: Pretty much anyway to get money into our various accounts and a call or filling up of our recharge request form here (http://www.multitexter.com/user_payments/bankdeposit) and you will get your credited shortly.

4. ATM Transfer: You may follow all instructions by clicking How to buy Bulk SMS via ATM Transfer. To get information on how to use this option to buy SMS units.

Get Started by clicking Sign Up For Bulk SMS in Nigeria. Don’t forget to call 01-4539791 or 08185784118 if you have need any assistance and you can share your story with us via mail.

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