Thousands of users have tested and still use our Bulk SMS platform. This is because they have the convenience to send SMS to as many people as possible (with a customized Sender name) to all GSM and CDMA networks in Nigeria.

Our website and mobile app is simple and user-friendly. You can sign up for bulk sms by clicking bulk sms login.

Our bulk SMS are guaranteed to make prompt delivery to all networks.

Take advantage of our instant recharge and our cheap and affordable pricing.

Number of Units Price Minimum Payment
100 to 333 ₦3.00 ₦300.00
500 to 9,999 ₦2.00 ₦1,000.00
10,000 to 19,999 ₦1.90 ₦19,000.00
20,000 to 499,999 ₦1.80 ₦36,000.00
500,000 to 4,999,999 ₦1.70 ₦850,000.00
5,000,000 to 499,999,999 ₦1.60 ₦8,000,000.00

We are confident you will enjoy our bulk SMS services, which will play a key role in attracting more business sales and increase your visibility without any problem.

You can send an attractive promo text or sms to all your customers and more for this Valentine period.


You can also rebuild and strengthen your relationship; corporate, informal, romantic and family relationships. Words are powerful, they can create and make happen what you deem impossible to do.

For those who think Valentine is only for lovers, rethink this.

According to Demetra Demi

Love can be you helping a stranger,
it’s the “did you get home okay?” text.
Love is believing in someone,
love is telling the truth,
love is a shoulder to cry on,
love is sharing conversation over tea,
love is when actions speak louder than words,
love is words.

bulk sms nigeria

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Send more love SMS or romantic message samples to celebrate the Happy Valentine’s Day. Get started on sending your bulk SMS by signing up for bulk sms in Nigeria.

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