How To Buy And Send Bulk SMS With Cheques

More options to buying and sending bulk sms are created and leveraged with the new development of technology and the possiblities it brings.

The financial institutions have created several means to make payments; cash deposit, fund transfer, internet payment options and other easy ways customers can use. Same applies to buying bulk sms in Nigeria.

bulk sms nigeria

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You can recharge or buy bulk sms using your Debit card online, depositing cash at the bank, doing a fund transfer or an online transfer or using the ATM machine to carry out an ATM transfer. Another is paying with your cheques.

Cheques are safe and reliable, especially for bulk sms users who don’t carry cash around and not too cool with online transactions.

Here is how to buy bulk sms in Nigeria with your cheque book.

  1. On filling the cheque slip, ensure you do in favor of LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP and fill in the amount you want. Click bulk sms pricing for Multitexter Bulk SMS.
  2. You will need to send/submit in your payment details: the NAME and Bank of the Paying Account holder (if its not your registered name with Multitexter), your email address (registered with us), the Amount and the Bank Account your paid into.
  3. Simply forward these details to our bulk sms phone lines or fill the form on clicking Buy Units > Bank/Transfer.
bulk sms nigeria

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You can be sure that Cross Bank Cheques also work, but it can take more than 48 hours to be cleared. Ensure it is rightly filled and done properly.

Get started on using bulk sms in Nigeria. Sign up and enjoy free units.

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