How To Import Excel Sheet Into Bulk SMS Phonebook

On importing contacts to your MultiTexter Phonebook, note that, you can only send sms to your phone contacts with the Bulk SMS Android App. Though, that is not the only means to send sms or bulk sms to contacts. Procedures on how to send bulk sms in Nigeria are also explained in details in earlier posts.

You can import or insert numbers to your Multitexter bulk sms phonebook in two ways. First is by uploading an excel sheet containing the contacts you want to send your bulk sms to. This can be done on the website, desktop view to be precise. Follow the steps below:

1. Create a New List from My Phonebook
2. Save your excel sheet in CSV format
3. Click “Choose file” on Import Contact page (by your left).
4. Select the Excel Sheet from your computer
5. Select the new List you just created and Upload Contacts.

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The other method to import your contacts is the Insert Number method. Follow the steps belo:

1. Create a new list from the “My Phonebook”
2. Then clicking Import Contacts, you will find a space box with Paste Numbers.
3. Copy and paste your contacts (separated with commas) in that Paste Numbers box.
4. Select the new List you just created and Insert Numbers.

Now you don’t have to worry about sending bulk sms to contacts by typing in the numbers everytime you want to send bulk sms. To get started on sending bulk sms click sign up for bulk sms in Nigeria.

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