How To Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria With Blackberry

Newly registered bulk sms users repeatedly inquire if it is possible to send bulk sms directly from their mobile phones. Not on desktop or tablets or iPads. As much as that is possible, there are different methods you can achieve this. Your phone browser can be used to send bullk sms by opening on the url address space.

Adopting SMS Applications can ease you a whole lots of stress and backwardness. You don’t have to struggle with opening web pages or experience the usual setbacks you get on mobile browsers.

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Bulk SMS is an effective marketing medium, which is now adopted all over the world especially within the authorities body. Especially for business owners, corporations, individuals, event managers, politicians, doctors and other professionals who deal with people often.

Now you get started immediately, by signing up here then send your promos, updates, meeting details, event info and wedding invitations with your Custom Sender inclusive. We have had wonderful stories of bulk sms, from distinguished business owners and individuals using using a reliable bulk sms provider in Nigeria.

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Sending bulk sms in Nigeria via mobile applications on any smartphone isn’t just a tradition but a necessity to mobile users. Smartphones such as Android, Blackberry and iPhones are the most used devices in the world at the moment. Hence, you can take advantage of sending bulk sms in Nigeria on Android and Blackberry phones.

Right now, click and download Multitexter SMS on your Android or on Blackberry OS10, and start sending your customized sms directly to your phone contacts. 

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