Mobile Marketing

When you hear the word “mobile”, what comes to mind first? Your guess is as good as mine- A handset or ability to be anywhere and everywhere. Its smallness and handiness, makes it a device no one (including school: sending bulk sms, children/teenagers) can’t do without. If It isn’t a tool for games, it is a tool for effectiveness.

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And when you compare how the media (television or radio) works versus mobile marketing, the benefits are predictable and intriguing.

The reason why mobile marketing via Bulk SMS in Nigeria works best is because it is:

  • Direct and immediate
  • Stays with the user on their handset whether they want to engage now or later
  • Works across every location, every handset and every demographic
  • To buy bulk sms in nigeria, its Cost effective
bulk sms nigeria

How to login. buy and send bulk sms in Nigeria

Any company or organization interested in getting their message across to their customer base (anywhere in Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt or major cities in Nigeria) and further engaging with that customer base has to look no further. The answer is carrying out your mobile marketing. Whats better than a direct marketing medium that is both reliable and cost effective?

Whether you want to simply inform your customers of new products or send them promotions and vouchers, mobile marketing via SMS will enable you to get that message directly into their pockets. provides the best working services to help your business grow via bulk SMS.

Click Sign up on bulk sms nigeria to get started. You can also call 01-4539791 or 08185784118 for any assistance.

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