Send Sample Text Messages For Happy Valentine’s Day

Do you know you can schedule romantic text messages every hour of Valentine’s day?

There is this fantastic idea, which is a secret to overwhelming your hubby and spicing up your romantic relationships.

Schedule 24 or more love SMS or Text messages using service like MultiTexter. An SMS with different romantic Sender Names. One message at the hit of every hour. From 12am to 11:55pm ON VALS DAY! That romantic, sparkling sms delivered on her phone will turn her up throughout the day. Oh yeah. You can do this on her birthday too.


I can bet that your hubby will be overwhelmed and excited all through. If you are spending the day with her, just pretend you know nothing about it. Your soul mate will tease and giggle you all day.

SMS: You complete me
your are my soul mate.
We are together
and that is what matters.
Sender: HONEY

One of our esteemed customer tried this one time using this reliable Bulk SMS gateway service. The result was absolute and phenomenal! You don’t need to get to the bank to get your sms units to send these sms, recharge can be done online. It is customized, so your regular SMS won’t work.

Use different Sender Names to arouse and surprise your hubby.

Back story: The month of February stands out as a special month simply because of the fourteenth day. It’s the season of romance and love. Singles, engaged and married will be celebrating their love on different platforms.

You can send any of the following samples from Multitexter.

Like a jewel,
true love is rare to find
but I am lucky
because I found you.

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Your love is like the sun to me
It keeps me alive and
It makes me glow.

When we are together
I feel better
Stay with me forever
So i always feel safer

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I will hold your hand
if you will let me,
I will kiss you
if you let me
but I will love you
no matter what you tell me!

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My love for you is growing
with every second of this day
I can’t wait to see you again

My love for you is like the stars
invisible sometimes
but always available
if you look for it
with all your heart

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See more love SMS samples to celebrate the Happy Valentine’s Day.

Feel free to send any of the above love SMS or text messages or you can tweak any of them. Get started on sending your romantic SMS by signing up for bulk sms in Nigeria.

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