One of the key indications that your Business or Company is growing and managing resources optimally is indicative on how you cut down on cost and time. Instead, they can channel those resources on more important aspects of your business.

An organization or company will call an average of 10 of their Customers in Nigeria per day, spending a minimum of 2 minutes on each call at N10 per min. That is N20 for a 2 minutes call on each customer which totals N200 per day for 20 minutess on 10 Customers . On a monthly basis, this totals to about N4,000 for 20 working days and N4,800 for 24 working days.

That implies spending N3.60K for two (2) pages SMS to 10 customers daily which totals N36 per day. On a monthly basis, this equals to N720 for 20 working days and N864 for 24 working days. If they employ the use of the best Bulk SMS in NIgeria, they will save up to N3,280 and N3,936 for 20 working days and 24 working days respectively on phone bills monthly while they save N39,360 and N47,232 respectively on phone bills yearly.

Any growing business or focused company should adopt this concept of using bulk SMS in Nigeria as a means of getting alerts or notifications to their customers or clients. It is guaranteed that sending SMS in bulk will cost less and save time for you and your business.

bulk sms nigeria provides the best working services to help your business grow via bulk SMS without breaking the vault.

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