Bulk SMS For Christmas Sales 2018

It is very easy to send your Christmas and new year messages with ease to all your contacts with just a click. Your bulk sms will deliver instantly to all GSM networks, including DND active numbers (after DND has been deactivated by sending HELP to 2442).

Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Click Sign up on Multitexter.com on phone browser

Step 2: Fill in your Full Name, Active Email Address, Phone Number and preferred password.

Step 3: After Signing up, you will be logged into your bulk sms account automatically.

Step 4: To Buy Units simply use any of the payment options; Online Payment, Mobile Transfer or Cash deposits to

Guaranty Trust Bank 0050933658
First Bank 2025330474
Diamond Bank 0057723432
Zenith Bank 1013623868

Step 5: All payment modes are instant. For Online payment with Debit/Credit card, type the number of units needed and add card details. For mobile transfer, use your email as remark or narrative whilst for Cash deposits, use your email as depositor’s name.

Step 6: After successful payments, submit details here to get recharged instantly.

Step 7: After getting recharged, fill in your Sender Name, which is either Your Name or Company’s name or any desired name (Only 11 characters)

Step 8: Fill in the Recipients’ Numbers and include your number so you can monitor delivery. Separate with comma and space e.g 08051234567, 2348051234567

Step 9: Compose your message. 1 sms page to 1 GSM equals 1 unit. For example, 1 sms page sent to 500 GSM numbers will deduct 500 units.

NB: When you check the Priority Route box, your messages will deliver to all MTN numbers including DND active numbers at 2 units per MTN number.

Step 10: Click SEND.

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