Bulk SMS: How Can I Send Bulk SMS With MY SENDER NAME?

On MultiTexter.com, we override DND (Do Not Disturb) blockage and the issue of change of sender name can be resolved if you follow our suggestion for bulk SMS.

Ensure you have opened a bulk SMS account here.

bulk sms nigeria


The DND (Do Not Disturb) service which was imposed by the NCC and the GSM networks to get subscribers to activate DND has been the reason some numbers get a different sender name when they receive bulk SMS.

SOLUTION: We will advise you start your Message content with the NAME you used for your Sender Name so any number that gets a different sender will recognize your SENDER NAME.

The other option is to register your sender name with the Mobile Networks, however the registration isn’t open at the moment. Kindly follow us on Facebook for updates.


Buy Bulk SMS through mobile transfer or cash deposit

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Fill Email as Depositor’s name (cash deposit) or Remark/Narration (mobile transfer).

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