Send Automated Bulk SMS With API on MultiTexter

bulk sms nigeria

With our developers’ API, you can integrate bulk SMS into your website or any application that has http request enabled and XML (optional).

The advantages this has to offer is ever increasing and makes bulk SMS available to you from any programming language of your choice, whether its a Visual Basic Program, Net, PHP, JAVA or any language of your choice.

These are the reasons why you should use MultiTexter Bulk SMS API

  1. Instant Crediting after payment
  2. Overrides DND active Numbers (Bulk SMS delivers to MTN DND numbers)
  3. Check Delivery Reports
  4. Phone Number Extractor On Mobile App
  5. Schedule Bulk SMS on Mobile App and Web
  6. Get Complete GSM Phone number Database
  7. Filter Duplicate Phone Number
  8. 24/7 Customer Care

All you need to get started is our API documentation. You can have this set up in no time as we have provided options for different methods of connection.



bulk sms nigeria

We currently provide programming support for API integration using the PHP programming language for free and for those who do not have programming skills, so you can be sure to get up and running very quickly.

Visual Basic Support: Integration is also available for Visual Basic 6 applications for a fee.

Register today here and get a developer to integrate our Bulk SMS API to your platform (website or app) and you are good to go!

Number of Units Unit Price Min Payment – Max Payment
33 to 333 Units ₦3.00 ₦99 – ₦999
500 to 9,999 Units ₦2.00 ₦1,000 – ₦19,998
10,000 to 99,999 Units ₦1.90 ₦19,000 – ₦189,998
100,000 to 999,999 Units ₦1.80 ₦180,000 – ₦1,799,998
1,000,000 to 9,999,999 Units ₦1.75 ₦1,750,000 – ₦17,499,998
10,000,000 to 999,999,999 Units ₦1.70 ₦17,000,000 – ₦1,699,999,998


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