Why Choose MultiTexter Bulk SMS In Nigeria

One of the right ways to know a very bulk SMS website or app is if the following can be provided for bulk SMS users;

  1. Instant Crediting after payment
  2. Overrides DND active Numbers (Bulk SMS delivers to MTN DND numbers)
  3. Check Delivery Reports
  4. Phone Number Extractor On Mobile App
  5. Schedule Bulk SMS on Mobile App and Web
  6. Get Complete GSM Phone number Database
  7. Filter Duplicate Phone Number
  8. 24/7 Customer Care
buy bulk sms nigeria

Click Image To Buy & Send Bulk SMS

Step 1: Register for bulk sms here www.Multitexter.com/signup or Install Multitexter mobile app on your Android phone and register.

Step 2: Fill in your Full Name, Active Email Address, Phone Number and preferred password.

Step 3: After Signing up, you will be logged into your bulk sms account automatically on web and mobile app.

Step 4: To Buy Units simply pay or make transfer

GTBank 0050933658
FirstBank 2025330474
Zenith 1013623868
Diamond 0057723432

Step 5: Once you receive your units, Compose your message. 1 sms page to 1 GSM equals 1 unit. For example, 1 sms page sent to 500 GSM numbers will deduct 500 units.

Step 6: Fill in your Sender Name, which is either Your Name or Company’s name or any desired name (Only 11 characters)

Step 7: Fill in the Recipients’ Numbers and include your number so you can monitor delivery. Separate with comma and space e.g 08185784118,2348185784118

Step 8: Tick the Priority Route option for Override DND numbers .

Step 9: Click SEND.

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