Fun Things You Can Do Weekdays or Weekends

With the rigorous activities during the week or weekends, at work, home, you can still get energized, rejuvenated or feel alive, have a good laugh and all.

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Our most interesting and memorable moments come from spent times with our relations, spouses, friends or siblings.

You can do a number of fun things after a long day at work. Here are suggestions that could be helpful:

  1. Play A Sport/Game: There are several interesting games you can play with family, friends or those around you. Scrabble, Whot Cards, Hide & Seek, Video games, Scrapbooks etc. Its really fun.
  2. Read A Book: There is a long list of genre of books: from fiction to non-fiction, history, motivational, biographies, comics, thriller, romance etc. Just go to a very notable bookshop and have your pick.
  3. Go To The Cinemas With Friends: This is very common in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and other major cities. Select the newest movie to watch, check the trailers and rating. You would be glad you did with your favorite genre in mind when selecting.
  4. Go Shopping: Ladies do and thrive on this always. If you are not a lady, it won’t kill your joy. Follow your hubby for shopping or with friends. take your time and have real fun.
  5. Attend Weddings: In Lagos, Nigeria, for instance, there is always one wedding if a friend or friend’s friend or distant cousin’s wedding. Just find a place to go and stop dulling indoors.

Other fun things you can do are: Visiting a beautiful place in the City, Doing Karaoke at home/outdoors, Attending A Creative/Forum-like Event where you can network with different people and the list is endless.

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