Save Cost & Reach More People

Notable Groups usually hold meetings on regular basis. While it is easy to invite members or first-timers to subsequent meetings or programmes, it is necessary to remind them per time.

This is why on we can save you a whole lot of cost by reaching out to regular members or visitors with little cost?

bulk sms nigeria


Its very simple to go about this. All you need is an active email address and a phone number. Sign up for free, Recharge for units and get Phone Contacts on the most reliable Bulk SMS platform in Nigeria and send your bulk SMS.

It’s worth considering whether your business could save cost and time by using bulk SMS in Nigeria as a way of getting simple alerts to your customer base.

This is of great benefit to Business owners and CEOs. And you can be assured that using SMS cost less and takes just few minutes to send.

Save time and costs by using these affordable Marketing tools. With Mobile marketing, Pastors, Imams, Group Leaders, Business owners and CEOs can reduce the cost of calls by adopting Bulk SMS to communicate with their Customers or Members.

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