How Can I Buy or Recharge My Bulk SMS Account This Weekend

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The use of bulk sms in Nigeria and different methods of buying bulk sms have been made easy with the innovation and development of online technology. You don’t have to get worried about recharging your bulk sms account over weekends or on holidays. One of the efficiency of a good bulk sms provider in Nigeria is the simplicity, effectiveness, reliability and experience of the service.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria on the platform of Multitexter, has really provided excellent services to telecoms, GSM network services or any telecoms provider from any part of the world for some years now. The benefits of using this bulk sms service are not a few.

You can enjoy free units on getting a Bulk SMS login after you sign up for bulk sms. Afterwards you will be required to recharge for bulk sms units. There are several ways to go about it. Our focus here is on how to buy or recharge my buy bulk sms account this weekend.

Online Payments: You can pay with ATM card in your account. Click Buy Bulk SMS Online or

Bank Transfer: You can transfer to any of our accounts. Just login into your accounts and follow the instructions here:

Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP Zenith 101-3623-868 Guaranty Trust Bank 005-0933-658 First Bank 202-5330-474 Diamond Bank 005-7723-432. 

If you have a GTBank Account, you can also transfer by sending *737*1*Amount*0050933658# where you replace amount with the money you want to send to us for SMS units. Ensure you have your atm card handy as you would need the last digits for verification. Also fill the form here ( afterwards.

For Zenith Account Holders, register for mobile banking by dialling *966*00# and follow the steps here. After successfully registering, simply transfer money to our Zenith Account by dialling *966*Amount*1013623868# where you replace amount with the money you want to send to us for SMS units.

Submit payment details here after a successful transaction.

If you want to start using bulk sms you can signup here:

bulk sms nigeria

Click Image To Sign Up For Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Here are more detailed instructions:


Simply login into your bulk sms account with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click I have forgotten my bulk sms login email and password.

When you are successfully logged in, watch out for and Click BUY BULK SMS WITH ATM / DEBIT CARD and fill in the number of bulk sms unit you need. Ensure you have enough fund in your Bank account registered with your Debit card and a One-time token.

This is the fastest means to buying bulk sms units especially if your bank internet network is working perfectly and your Debit card is registered for Online payments.

You can read more on How To Buy Bulk SMS Online.


Online or Internet Transfer is another way or method to crediting your bulk sms account online. You must have done this before now. This makes it easier for you and facilitates instant crediting. When doing an online transfer to any of the above bank accounts, ensure you use your email address as remark. You will get an Alert from your bank after a successful transfer.

You need to fill the details of that alert on Multitexter Recharge request form by click Submit Bulk SMS Payments.


If you don’t want to get to the bank and you don’t have internet, you can get to the closest ATM machine around you and do an ATM Transfer to any of our accounts. You can read a step-by-step instruction on How To Buy Bulk SMS on ATM machine.

Statistics says 98% SMS are read compared to 22% of Email, 29% of Tweets, and 12% of Facebook posts. You can create an account here:

You can also call: +234(0)818-578-4118 or 01-4539791


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