Bulk SMS Free Online In Nigeria

The face of marketing and making sales has changed, especially with the influence of new web tools, social media startegies and mobile technology development. How we do business isn’t the same with the routine some 10ten, twenty or thirty years ago. More reasin why people now use sms or bulk sms marketing for their businesses now. 

Multitexter.com is a text message marketing provider that works in NIgeria, delivering bulk sms to all GSM and CDMA networks at a fast speed, cheap rate and affordable price. This sms (short message service) or bulk sms software allows for strategic marketing and informational details or promo or product updates to be sent to individuals who opt to receive sms.

bulk sms nigeria

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People will receive messages via sms or text message on their mobile or cell phone from a particular business campaign they signed up for or subscribed to, after purchasing their product or paying for a service.

The service is opt-in based, meaning every individual has to agree to receive messages from each business or organization before a message can be sent. This helps prevent spam messages and keeps the sms service an effective marketing and informational tool for everyone.

Being a well reputed bulk sms provider in Nigeria, delivering bulk sms services across all GSMnetworks, CDMAs and othe telecoms in the world, has come up with another provision for bulk sms users or operators.

Especially for those who have adopted bulk sms or text messaging as a marketing tool, there is a f4ree bulk sms online arrangement made when you sign up for Multitexter bulk sms in Nigeria. You will need to activate the bulk sms account from your email inbox or other folders. Then you can make us of the free sms units to test the service.


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