Bulk SMS Nigeria

Have you ever wondered how you got a customized text message from your friend who is getting married next saturday? Or how you got that recruitment invite on your phone through bulk sms from the company you sent your CV to? Bulk SMS made that happen.

With your mobile phone you can now send a custom text message or what is generally called bulk sms- sending one sms or text to multiple phone contacts at once. This has helped people, businesses, event planners especially when it relates to marketing and communication.

Joe Chernov says Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

Well-proven surveys have proved that SMS marketing works more effectively better Email marketing or even social media marketing. The reach of bulk SMS is well targeted and liable to get to the audience of your choice faster and reliable. Thus, your marketing should start paying off.

Sending bulk sms is a multi-dimensional phenomenal, depending on what particular bulk sms provider you are using. Choosing the right bulk sms gateway is another endeavor any marketer will venture into intelligently. One of the basic feature to watch out for in any bulk sms in Nigeria, before deciding on adopting this marketing tool is the testimonials or reviews made by users.

bulk sms app google playstore

With the Bulk SMS App installed from google playstore, you can send sms directly to phone contacts.

Another major one is the equation or ratio of unit to sms. Complaints from bulk sms users about how units zaps unbelievably and messages not delivering to all their recipients’ numbers. Infact some new user insistently wanted to be sure on the one unit to one sms ratio before signing up for bulk sms. The person called severally to confirm the information.

If you like reliable service, the first thing you need to ask is how much experience does the bulk SMS site or provider have? You need a platform that can handle your SMS volume without having delivery problem. Which is the most important part of bulk sms in Nigeria.

Interestingly, no matter your profession or the kind of business you run, sms marketing works for all. If you are just starting out, you will send promo updates out there, so your customers and clients will be aware of your existence. Social media can get the public eyes, but bulk sms will attract the right people you will easily pay for your product and service. Make your marketing so useful people would pay you for it, Jay Baer advises.

how to send bulk sms in nigeria

Sign up page for bulk sms


Bulk SMS is way cheaper and easier to serve as a link or medium for marketing your business. Every business incur all kinds of expenses, therefore it will be smart to engage a less costing means of marketing for your business or project. Especially for small or large or big scale business, sms marketing will pay better then any other kind of marketing. Media marketing which includes hand fliers, billboards, posters or even hiring vendors to help distribute will cost far more than bulk sms.


One of the simplest ways to gain the heart of customers is to schedule bulk sms or goodwill messages with bulk sms on their birthdays. Certain Companies, Banks, Businesses are familiar with the resulting effect of this idea. Every person who get such sms from your company feel special and honored. This builds up some form of obligation to continually trust you and stay loyal.

You can get started on the most effective, reliable and fastest bulk sms platform in Nigeria for your communication purposes, by clicking signing up for free and adopt all the special features.


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