Apart from the several strategies you want to implement for your business in 2016, one should also be considered, which is creating a working sms marketing list. This is a secret in mobile advertising especially when it is conveyed through bulk sms.

However, we would share some working tips on how to get more customers for your business using bulk sms in Nigeria. Just answer these questions.

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What Are You Offering?

The first and most important element of a good business marketing strategy is to be clear about the objective of your product and service. What value is your product or service bringing to the people?

Once you can answer that in clear terms and actuality, then you will be sure to get your customers.

Who Are You Targeting?

You will need to be clear on the people who need your service or product.

There are all kinds of categories of customers. From age, to interests, income-level, office location and so on. You will need to either get a consultant or hire a researcher to do a survey-like work on the types of people that need your products and services.

One thing SMS text messaging helps you to do is to get your survey questions out there with your company’s site. You should have a form they can fill and submit in not more than 5 minutes duration. For several reasons, people can to respond on-time faster from their mobile phone. That is why mobile or SMS marketing works faster.

bulk sms in nigeria

Here is how your SMS will appear on the recipient’s phone

What Is Special About Your Products Or Service?

It is important to inform your customers and prospective ones about the uniqueness of your products and service through text messages or bulk SMS.

One way to get more customers is to send SMS of attractive and mouth-dropping promos or discounts, where you can include expiry dates for such promos. . Interested customers will either subscribe or put a call through to you.

And to get your customers to stay faithful and loyal to your business, keep giving the best service in both good quality and effectiveness. This will sure help keep your current customers.

Make them feel special by sending customized text messages via the Multitexter Bulk SMS platform. Clients or customers receiving updates from you such as exclusive promos, discounts would value it so much and their response rate will blow your mind.

You can get started right away by clicking sign up for bulk sms in Nigeria.

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Bulk messaging or Bulk SMS helps to deliver your customized messages instantly. You can recharge online with your debit card or bank deposit or ATM transfer. You can see more recharge options for bulk sms.

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