To avoid low or no delivery of bulk sms sent from, kindly follow the steps below:


With the advent of bulk sms and its vast use cases, it has come to our notice and the Nigerian networks, that certain people have resorted to fraudulent activities on our bulk sms platform.

In short, Nigerian GSM networks are blocking any bulk sms that is suspicious, containing words like YELLOW, WOW, WIN, CONGRAT, CONGRATULATION, VOTE, PROMO, PROMOTION. Please avoid these words. Or the act of impersonating certain BANKS, POLITICIANS, BRANDS, COMPANIES and INTERNATIONAL online platforms to deceive people through bulk sms. These organizations are licensed ONLY by the authorities to send bulk sms, not through individual bulk sms users.

As a result we advise that you ensure your Sender name does not include any of the categories mentioned. And if your name happens to be a politician name, we suggest you abbreviate or find a way around (you can do a test to yourself first to confirm delivery). Originally, GSM networks block any bulk sms that is suspicion of SCAM or SPAM.


Another recent observation is low delivery of messages to MTN numbers. Due to the recent enacted law by NCC to curb out or control how GSM users receive third party, promo or VAS sms, a service called DND (Do Not Disturb) was created.

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This service was supposed to be activated by individuals, but MTN Nigeria randomly activated DND on some of their subscribers without their consent. This is the reason certain MTN numbers don’t receive your bulk sms. Not all MTN numbers are affected.

Click here on how to deactivate DND. Text STOP to 2442 on affected MTN number, then Text ALLOW to 2442. If you are having issues deactivating, simply call your network provider or visit

In view of this MTN issue, we advise those who stopped receiving your bulk sms, should provide a non MTN number or simply collect more of non MTN numbers.

This way, you are assured of a higher rate of delivery.


In the case of some other networks (Glo, Etisalat and Airtel) not receiving your bulk sms, the report from these network providers shows numbers are either switched off, not available or reachable or no coverage on the phone as at the time of sending the bulk sms.

This is a rare case on Multitexter.

For instance, there are times you call a phone number right next to you (that is obviously switched on) and you get a surprising response saying “the number you have dialled is not reachable, please try again”

If you will need any assistance or need clarification, kindly mail us and we will reply as soon as possible.

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