BulkSMS: Advertise Easter Discounts Using Bulk SMS

Send your BIG DISCOUNT or SUPER DEAL PROMO or using Bulk SMS this EASTER!

Starts from today March 21st – April 7th
Buy 2 Suits to get 1 Free Blazer (Jacket)
Visit us at FINE STORES. Call 08185784118


Easter sales!!
Enjoy 80% off in all our sales shops
From 29th March to 1st of April 2018
N10,000 off all smartphones. From XYZ

Use Bulk SMS App on Google Playstore or you can send your bulk SMS on the mobile web.

bulk sms nigeria

What is so special the bulkSMS?

Your typical text messages deliver with either your number as sender name or the name saved by your recipients. But bulk SMS allows you to customize the sender name which appears on recipients’ phones as though they saved your number with that name.

What does Unit or SMS Units mean?

1 unit is 1 SMS page sent to 1 phone contact except otherwise stated.

Do you have any mobile or desktop app?

Yes, we have a bulksms mobile app on Google Playstore (Android phones)

How do I get started on bulk SMS immediately?

Register on the Multitexter.com or on the MultiTexter app after you have installed.

How do I send my bulk SMS for Easter?

Recharge your bulk SMS account. You can make a Mobile transfer, Cash deposit or online payment. You will be credited with the SMS units and then you can send your messages.

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