To Download MultiTexter SMS App Click MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore and Click MultiTexter SMS App on Blackberry OS 10  

Step 1.  To get started Click Sign up for Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Step 2.  Fill in the spaces appropriately. For more details, Read our post on “How To Sign up for Bulk SMS Register on MultiTexter

bulk sms nigeria

How to send sms in bulk

Step 3.  Check Your Email Inbox for a Welcome Mail from MultiTexter. Your password is in that mail.

Step 4. Go back to and Login with your Username and Password (Provided in Your Mailbox). You’re advised to change your Password.

Step 5.  To Buy Units Click on “Recharge

Step 6.  To Make Payments Online, Click BUY SMS WITH ATM CARD. You can use Mastercard and VISA interchangeable.

Step 7.  To Make Payments In Bank, Use your registered Email Address as Depositor’s name on Depositor’s slip. Afterwards Click BUY SMS WITH BANK/TRANSFER and fill in the spaces appropriately.

Step 8.  You can also make payments on an ATM machine via Quickteller.

Step 9. Afterwards, Your Account will be Credited when your payment has been received.

Step 10. To send SMS in Bulk, Click Compose. You will have a black space for Numbers and a white space for your Message.

Step 11. Fill in the Recipients’ Numbers. Separate with comma and space e.g 08051234567, 2348051234567. Fill in the Messages also.

Step 12. Ensure Sender Name is Your Name. Then Click “Send”.

Step 13. Click Here to get started or Call 08185784118 for any Assistance.

Note: You can schedule messages. And 1 unit of SMS equals 160 characters (1 page). You can read more on How To Buy SMS Units Online.



























































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