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We offer bulk SMS that can personalize your bulk SMS recipients’ names in the message sent.

MultiTexter: Buy Bulk SMS
Zenith 1013623868
GTBank 0050933658
Diamond 0057723432
First Bank 2025330474
Fill your Registered Email as Depositor’s name or Remark/Narration (bank app).

After opening a bulk SMS account in Nigeria and making payments for the units, then you can send your personalized SMS: where each recipients’ names can be inclusive and other details.

Step 1: Go to “PERSONALIZED SMS” on the Multitexter.com

bulk SMS nigeria


Step 2: Fill in your EXCEL SHEET with the PhoneNumber (8185784118), personalized names (FIRST NAME) and other details you want to include. Ensure you follow exactly as it is stated below.

1st Column’s Heading: PhoneNumber (No space between Phone and Number and Capital letter “P” and “N”

2nd Column’s Heading: First Name

3rd Column: Messages/Points/ (You can use any suitable heading depending on your content). You can have more than 2 or 3 Columns. This is optional.

See the image below.

bulk sms nigeria


Step 3: Upload the Excel sheet in CSV format.

Step 4: Fill in your Sender Name and Message content and SEND. Click Preview to see how it will appear on recipients’ phones. You can discard the message and restart.

bulk sms nigeria


Remember to TICK Priority Route so all your DND numbers will get your personalized SMS.

For any further assistance, you can mail [email protected]


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