Bulk SMS for Restaurants

Food is life. Restaurants give it.

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Nobody can survive without food or water. The most relaxing place people find peace and comfort amongst many is the restaurant. Some families love to eat out even at the expense of its cost. Because Its fun, enjoying, rewarding and sensational.Party-Food1

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Restaurant owners do need to adopt the best marketing tools to get people’s attention. Especially in festive periods, holidays (like Christmas), and the likes. And the easiest medium is to use the closest gadget to people- the mobile phone. People send and receive text messages daily. Text messaging is a daily to-do activity of every smartphone user in every nation. Thats why 75% of people in the entire world prefer to receive offers via text message or SMS over any other form of call to action. So, mobile marketing is the link, using the best Bulk SMS in Nigeria.


For instance, in Italy the popular McDonalds restaurants organized a SMS campaign during the Christmas holiday, where beverages came with a text code on the cup that customers could enter on their mobile phone while they ate. Freebies and coupons were also given out.

This was made possible via Bulk SMS. Every manager or owner of a Restaurant must step up his game by consistently adopting active campaign in-order to put their excellent and efficient service at the face of their customers via text messaging. SMS marketing is the leverage, restaurant owners can use to reward their customers for their loyalty.

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