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The potency and influence of bulk sms in Nigeria in this technology age cannot be over-emphasized or underestimated. Statistics says 98% SMS are read compared to 22% of Email, 29% of Tweets, and 12% of Facebook posts. Quite understandable, if you are a mobile user.

Interestingly, active social media users still make and receive calls, sms, mms, emails, pings on their mobile. The smartphone as its widely called has actually done that- made us smart and more effective.

You Can Download MultiTexter SMS App by Clicking MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore and MultiTexter SMS App on Blackberry OS 10  

bulk sms nigeria

The Most Reliable Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria

Bulk SMS in NIgeria is the act of sending customized sms or text messages to a large volume of phone contacts or numbers, using a reliable and experienced SMS gateway.

This bulk sms provider allows you to customize the sender name and send text messages to GSM networks and CDMA networks, irrespective of the volume of contacts.

This sender’s name appears on the receiver’s phone. You can see Multitexter prices and different packs for bulk sms in Nigeria.

bulk sms nigeria

Click Image To Open A Bulk SMS Account

The proximity of the mobile phone is a plus, a great merit, and wonderful leverage for organizations and individuals who are looking for the fastest and surest way to reach people.

Marketing products and services have been redefined over the developing years as a result. Innovative strategies and creative ideas to attract customers and sustain their loyalty towards products can be exploited towards business growth.

Are you wondering right now, if you can use bulk sms in Nigeria and recharge with your recharge card? Unfortunately NO. but there are more simply ways to go about that.

bulk sms nigeria

The use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria is cheaper and faster than the regular mobile sms.

Multitexter Bulk SMS is your surest web & app for sending bulk sms.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria can be used for several purposes. You can send bulk sms to invite your guests who are far and near, for your weddings or send promos, new service updates to your customers and clients in your organisation.

Are you having any kind of meeting (business or informal), you can equally send a customized bulk sms. Are you organizing a birthday party or any other type of party? Use bulk sms in Nigeria.

bulk sms nigeria

You can buy sms with your ATM card with online payment or transfer.

The steps to get started are simple and fast. You need an active email address and an active phone number, right beside you.

  1. Get started by clicking sign up for bulk sms in Nigeria
  2. Fill in the form correctly
  3. Go to your email inbox or spam or junk folder and check the mail from Multitexter
  4. Click the link provided in that mail, you will be directed to your bulk sms account
  5. Your account has been activated, with free units
  6. You can recharge or buy bulk sms online with your Debit card. Click Bulk SMS in Nigeria for Online recharge for more.
  7. You can pay in the Bank, use the details below
  8. You can also do an online transfer or mobile money transfer
  9. After using any of the above recharge options, click bulk sms in nigeria recharge request.
  10. Your account will be recharged or credited shortly. You can start sending your bulk smsin Nigeria.

Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP Zenith 101-3623-868 Guaranty Trust Bank 005-0933-658 First Bank 202-5330-474 Diamond Bank 005-7723-432. (Use your email as depositor’s name or remark in case of online transfer.)

We have great posts on how to leverage on bulk SMS on this blog and you can share your challenges with us via [email protected] or call 01-4539791 or 08185784118 if you need any assistance.

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