Use Bulk SMS For Schools In Nigeria

If your goal is to know how to send bulk sms inorder to interact with your parents or ward’s guardians? Just go for bulk sms, straight! Bulk SMS or Text messaging remains an effective tool to get your message across to your intended audience.

Here are few things we can adopt Bulk SMS for:

  • Communicate important details about Resumption date and Holidays
  • In times of emergency, instant messages to parents can be sent
  • How to send bulk sms in nigeria, being top of the chart of searches indicates Its influence rate. Send Current Affairs facts to students
  • Send details about student’s performance in grades to parents and students
  • Inform parents of dates of upcoming exams to help their students study at home
  • Reminders to students on certain deadlines.
  • Send tips, advice and feedback on student’s attitude to parent

Apart from creating a link between teachers and parents / students via Bulk SMS, any educational institution (In Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt or any major city in Nigeria) can also benefit from Bulk SMS for internal functions. Be it communicating with the academic staff for quick-fix meetings or a special development or information from the Ministry of Education which needs immediate action, Bulk SMS or Text messaging will aid your institution to do just that.

We are all products of the Education system. And as a result, no institute will take chances on retrogressing when they use the most reliable, fast and best tool.

With Multitexter Bulk SMS service, organizations & schools have a quick way of dissipating information that can be received instantly. Click Sign Up to get started.  You can also call 01-4539791 or 08185784118 for any assistance.

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