Bulk SMS For Religious Organizations In Nigeria

Every religious organization interacts with her members periodically. The use of bulk sms in the communication process between leaders and members have been the most effective and reliable. Mosques, Churches, and other religious organizations exist to fulfill deep human needs. Adopting SMS is a lasting and most reliable way to send out text messages.

Multitexter Bulk SMS gateway provide bulk SMS services to individuals, corporate organisations and NGOs alike, anywhere in Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt or major cities in Nigeria. Multitexter bulk SMS website get fast delivery of your bulk sms to all GSM telecoms networks, such as MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat and other CDMA networks.

bulk sms nigeria

Every religious leader won’t want to be left out fulfilling their purpose. It’s time to you take advantage of bulk SMS in Nigeria. The use of bulk sms for sending daily prayers, motivations, or text messages that will uplift your members.

We have a good track record of good bulk sms service delivery with companies across different industries like education, SMEs, NGOs. We also have several churches, start-ups and business organizations using our bulk sms platform to reach their members such as RCCGs, Winners, Covenant Christian Centre, PrepClass, Co-Creation Hub, Queen’s College, Domino’s Pizza, Prowork, Akwa Aba Travel and other notable brands.

bulk sms nigeria

You can Register for Bulk SMS Here and get free units when you do.

If you’re an application developer or reseller, you may also get our HTTP XML SMS API to send SMS. If you have signed up here, our customer service Agent will call you. You may also call 01-45-39-791 or 0818-578-4118 or visit Our Blog

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