Bulk SMS: Appreciate Customers

One effective way to keep your new customers is by saying thank you after they purchased your product or service. Appreciating clients or customers goes a long way to persuading them to come back to you as the customised text message will be registered in their mind.

Sending a THANK YOU message via Bullk SMS website in NIgeria with your business name as SENDER NAME creates an excellent impression for your customers. This re-assures them that you indeed appreciate their patronage and your goal is to serve them excellently.

bulk sms nigeria

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The benefits of sending bulk sms through Multitexter are many, but to mention a few:

  1. Bulk SMS delivery on-time at a very cheap rate. Click bulk sms pricing and packages for more.
  2. Bulk SMS on Multitexter.com reaching potential is limitless, as people read every sms within three minutes as against emails.
  3. Bulk SMS help you to gain your customers’ trust and loyalty. Always include your business contact in every bulk sms sent.
  4. Bulk SMS helps you to know your customer base, as you would have compiled their contacts on a word doc or excel sheet. You can also import the contacts into your Multitexter Phonebook.

If you have a business, event, SME, Start-up, small scale or large scale, you can also sign up for a free bulk SMS account. It’s simple and fast to use. The results will blow your mind. You will get free sms units after you have signed in.

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