Did you know that you can schedule SMS on our Bulk SMS platform  to deliver later? Yes, that’s possible.

Below are the reasons why and how can send and edit your scheduled Bulk SMS:

“To schedule your Bulk SMS, Click SEND LATER after composing your SMS and adding your recipients’ numbers. Once you have successfully selected TIME and DATE, click SCHEDULE MESSAGE

  1. Message Content can also be edited, deleted or corrected before the receiver of the SMS gets it.
  2.  You can change the Sender Name of your SMS before it  gets delivered to the recipients.
  3.  Phone numbers of your recipients can  also be edited, deleted or corrected by you.
  4. You can also change message delivery time because the message has not been delivered yet.
  5. There’s also an opportunity check or uncheck the priority route which over rides DND active numbers, just before your messages get delivered.

If you need to EDIT YOUR SCHEDULED SMS, click here.

To get started, simply click sign up for Bulk SMS  and recharge your account. Click on compose SMS and simply tick the box beside ‘ Send Later’ and follow the instructions that follow.

Fro any enquiries, call 08185784118 or mail [email protected]

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