Understand that there is a way to get customers to buy your wears, electronics, phones, food or your services in any kind of industry.

With a smartphone, you can send bulk SMS for your business or company in Nigeria.  Reach people in millions or less at a very affordable cost requiring no special technical skills. If you own a smartphone you can send bulk SMS!

bulk sms nigeria

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Let’s share our proven 5 important ways you can get customers to buy from you when sending your bulk SMS.

  • Talk About The Benefits Of What You Are Selling

It’s important you get things right when you are doing SMS blast or SMS marketing for your business. Talk about how your product will CHANGE their lives.

Do not talk about what your service does but how it will greatly affect and help your customers. Write the benefits of your products or services in your SMS content and brag about your uniqueness in your industry.

  • Talk In Your Customers’ Language

Please don’t write BIG WORD, use simple words that your customer will understand. Get an outsider to read your SMS content to check if it is straight-forward and clear to any layman.


  • Compose Short Compelling SMS/Text Messages

    Do everything possible to write in short words, One sentence preferably in your SMS blast. Simple, Concise and Compelling. Create GREAT offers, discounts and wonderful attractive deals as a marketing strategy. Don’t forget to include your phone contacts.

  • Connect By Personalizing SMS

    Do you know you can also personalize bulk SMS with the name of your customers? YES! You can do that for all your customers (I believe you have their names?). If you don’t, get it. This makes your SMS stand out from all other general text messages they receive.

  • Stay Close To Your Phone To Receive Calls/SMS

    Don’t think your work is done, after you have sent your SUPER DEAL, BIG DISCOUNTS or BIG SLASH bulk SMS. Stay by your phone to recieve calls and reply texts.


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