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One major unique benefit of sending Bulk SMS is the space for a customized Sender ID or Sender Name.

It is important you choose the right name that your recipients will recognize once they see your sender name so they can respond to your bulk SMS immediately.

Here are some few tips on how well to decide the best Sender ID or Sender Name to use;

  1. USE YOUR REAL NAME/ BUSINESS NAME: It is important your bulk SMS go with a name that your contacts or recipients will recognize when they see the SMS on their phones.If it’s a business, then fill in your COMPANY’s NAME.If you are sending bulk SMS for your CHURCH, use the name of the church. This works for wedding, Schools and any other purpose.
  2. DON’T USE PHONE NUMBER: The use of phone number is regarded as impersonation and GSM networks prohibit this.The purpose of bulk SMS is to use a customized name, not a phone number in the real sense. So use letters only.No wonder, when you get SMS with sender names like 5223 or 2442 you just hiss and delete as you already know its a spam message.
  3. SHORTEN YOUR NAME TO 11 CHARACTERS: Ensure you find a way of abbreviating your SENDER NAME to 11 characters or less if your original name is longer than 11 characters.For example Christ Anglican Church, you can use ANGLICAN or if your company’s name is Ddjjbig International, simply use DDJJBIG.
  4. USE UNSUSPICIOUS SENDER NAMES: It’s very important you are aware that certain individuals use bulk SMS to scam people, therefore certain sender names have been filtered by the GSM networks so as to curb this evil acts.See all prohibited names here.
bulk sms nigeria

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MultiTexter bulk SMS in Nigeria helps users or is to send bulk sms and ensure their text messages deliver. The use of;

Bulk SMS will get your messages faster and at a cheap rate.

Bulk SMS  will reach a wider audience, unlimited contacts at once.

Bulk SMS will connect with anyone who has a mobile phone, no internet needed.

Bulk SMS cuts across all professions

Bulk SMS is simple and easy to recharge, anywhere online.

Bulk SMS allows you to customize sender name

Bulk SMS allows for scheduling or sending your sms at a later time

You can get test the service right away by going to our homepage here.  You can download Multitexter SMS App on PLAYSTORE and BLACKBERRY OS10

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