Bulk SMS For Religious Activities.

There is no limit to what Bulk SMS can do. You can also use it for religious activities. It makes everything easy for you and this is because it saves time, money and it is instant and reliable.So you can Invite new and old members to musical concerts, mid-week services , vigils, seminars and Sunday services with our Bulk SMS App. You can also send reminders of programmes already announced to the invitees.

Bulk SMS can also be used in Mosques to send programme reminders, prayer time reminders, best wishes during Ramadan or any other season. Islamic quotes can also be sent to family members, friends , and mosque members.

To get the best of Bulk SMS for religious purposes, make sure people write down their numbers whenever they come for programmes, so that they can be invited dor subsequent programmes.

It’s easy, just register here   to get started. Our prices are very affordable, you can view our prices here. Remember , we also deliver to DND active numbers.