Events happen all the time. All kinds of events- Concerts, Church or School meetings, Parties, Conventions, Dinners, Ceremonies, launches and so on. Read how to send bulk sms; you need an active email and phone number. You can also buy numbers from any state, local government area in Nigeria; this way you can reach a target audience.

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What differentiates the rave-of-the-moment events and the ones that aren’t, is the large number of people that shows up. The people make the event. And your next event can be the loudest if only you can reach the people in the most reliable and fastest way.

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Real-time updates and details of your event can be communicated to whatever crowd you are trying to reach via Bulk SMS in Nigeria, anywhere in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt or major cities. Here are some of the contents Bulk SMS will get across for you:

  • Full details of the Event- time, location etc
  • Special Promo on tickets or pass and Locations of sales.
  • Reminders for the event
  • Special info on Artists or Facilitators
  • Confirmation on bought Tickets via Bulk SMS

Getting your targeted crowd into your events has just been made easy. As long as you have their valid mobile contacts. You can purchase valid Phone Contacts on Get the word out, gather your audience and have a great event. You can get started right away by clicking Sign Up.

For further Assistance Call 01-4539-791 or 081-8578-4118 or mail [email protected]

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