How Celebrities Can Reach More Fans

Celebrities are every where especially on Social Media. This is obviously for the fans and the fame. Every musical artist, actor or celebrity should stay connected with their fans constantly. Especially when dropping an album, organizing a concert or film premier, celebrities need to invite, inform or keep their fans abreast of their new works.

It is true that social media platforms such as Facebook page, twitter, instagram are wonderful tools to reaching out to the world. But another sure and effective way is the use of bulk sms providers in Nigeria.

When you send a bulk sms to fans that have attended your concert or any of your event, it goes a long way into capturing the hearts of fans, which cannot be achieved via social media. Fan’s loyalty isn’t a cheap thing to get just by posting or even giving out recharge cards on social media. You can send one personal text message or SMS to hundreds, thousands or millions of your fans.

bulk sms nigeria

Celebs Can Reach Their Fans More Directly Via SMS With

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