How To Have A Memorable Christmas

Everyone wants a splendid, memorable and beautiful Christmas experience every year. We have always believed the season is characterized with family reunion, school reunion, company’s end-of-the-year party or something close to that, beach party, outings with friends and loved ones etc.

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Here are simple lovely things you can do to make this Christmas special and memorable.

Invite Your Friends To A Christmas Meal: Yes! This is like the norm, but you have no idea how interesting and memorable it is when you invite or visit a friend or family for a Christmas meal. Some individuals use  the cheapest, fastest and most reliable bulk sms/text messaging platform -MultiTexter, to send out large volume of text messages to invite everyone to their Christmas party. With info like date, place of gathering, time etc. Some of the meals usually served include Jollof rice, Fried rice, Traditional/Village meals, Chickens, Turkeys, Fishes, etc Now wipe your hungry lips. Lol. Party-Food1

Plan and Go For Outings: Your best bet is to go out with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse or take someone on a date from the office (If Company policy allows). Friends and Family cannot be left out. On the week of 25th December or afterwards, just find a lovely place to go and have fun. Go for comedy shows, concerts or beautiful events happening around this festive period.

Give Christmas Gifts: It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Infact, it should not be big, instead it should be meaningful, of quality and very decent. Look out for those who are in need and give them something with discretion and wisdom. Share the love. There is love in Giving. You can join initiatives doing donations or courtesy visits to orphanages. 2e7e4530989739967dbee9df8c20ffc2

Plan For The New Year: We usually have so much fun that we forget the new year coming. Its cool to be alone at times and plan for the new year. Usually nights or early hours of the day are suitable for this. write out things you have achieved this year and be thankful- that’s a good way to start planning.

Do not forget to send out Christmas messages to family, loved ones, friends, colleagues or even prospective customers ( this will increase patronage for your business) etc via

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  1. November 27, 2015

    […] Christmas is around the corner. The scent of harmattan is creeping into the atmosphere. Loads of fun, free times, hang-outs, family time, vacations and the likes will be the order of the day from Christmas eve. Don’t be left out on the Christmas fun, have memorable christmas moments. […]