How To Send Bulk SMS That Delivers Instantly

Every bulk sms user is looking for a reliable SMS platform that delivers their messages instantly. To ensure this, certain rules must be followed.

After getting your bulk sms registration done, you will be required to recharge your account with bulk sms units, choosing any of the bulk sms packs. Once you have your bulk sms units, then you can proceed to compose your message and insert your recipients’ numbers.

You can download Multitexter SMS App on PLAYSTORE and BLACKBERRY OS10

When composing your messages, please do away with words like PROMO, PROMOTIONS, WOW, PRIZE, CONGRATS, CONGRATULATIONS, BRAND NAMES (Companies or Products). Even as sender names, do not use these words. We advise you use synonym words like DISCOUNTS, GRAB YOURS NOW etc.

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This measure is controlled by network operators in Nigeria to stop scammers from their deeds of scamming people using Brand names as sender names and sending promo messages to deceive people.



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