How To Verify Your Bulk SMS Account in Nigeria

The rate at which individuals and companies are using bulk sms for their events or marketing campaigns is increasing by the day. The demand to send bulk sms from Androids or Apple smartphones is also an eye-opener.

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How To Verify Your bulk SMS account

You can get started with bulk sms by clicking sign up for bulk sms in Nigeria or download the Multitexter Bulk SMS App on Google Playstore. The next step is to verify or confirm your bulk sms account. Check your the email you registered with, you will find a Welcome mail from Multitexter. Read more on How To Buy and Send Bulk SMS with Email.

Often times, Bulk SMS users or First-timers of Bulk SMS users usually get stuck at the point of verifying or confirming their bulk sms accounts and buying or paying for bulk sms in Nigeria. Usually, prospective bulk sms users are either not familiar with the use of email accounts or they have internet issues. This is caused by internet issues or its been a while they used the email account.

A good solution to this email problem is to simple login to the bulk sms account with password. After words, you can start sending bulk sms. But of-course you will need to buy sms units to be able to send bulk sms in Nigeria. If individuals or new business owners cannot access their bulk sms then you will probably need to contact the contact us lines

To start sending bulk sms, you need to make payments via Bank or Online. You can read more on How To Buy Bulk SMS Anywhere In the World.

BANK PAYMENT; Use your email as depositor’s name when paying into the bulk sms bank accounts. For Multitexter Bulk SMS : Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP Zenith 101-3623-868 Guaranty Trust Bank 005-0933-658 First Bank 202-5330-474 Diamond Bank 005-7723-432.

ONLINE PAYMENT/TRANSFER: You can buy bulk sms online using your Debit Card details (ensure you are on a secured device). When making an online transfer, you are advised to use your Email as Remark. Or Send in the Transfer details to [email protected].

Click Sign up to open a free bulk sms acoount. You can also send in your questions to the email anytime.


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