Stay Healthy Via SMS Updates

With the present Ebola virus persisting around the world, much talk has been given to personal health hygiene.

For instance, in Nigeria, one of the ways the virus was well contained and controlled was that, consistent reports and simple instructions were communicated to all Nigerians via several mediums. The social media; facebook, twitter… and text messages.


A well know initiative called U-report took advantage of the Bulk SMS platform to pass important updates and information to all Nigerians through their mobile phones. Its a sure strategy to getting in touch with thousands and millions with just one click.

If your organization or as an individual you have been looking forward to reach people on sensitizing and orientating them on personal health hygiene, your best bet is the best Bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria. Its simple to use, fast and reliable, at ridiculously low cost. provides the best working services to help your business grow via bulk SMS.

Click Sign Up to get started. You can also call 08185784118 or 01-4579391 for any assistance.

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  1. October 24, 2014

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