5 Ways Bulk SMS4Schools Can Benefit Your Organization.



1. Bulk SMS gets more people informed about your school, your impeccable staff, your conducive learning environment, outstanding Teachers and your fees.

This results in an increase in the population of students or pupils your school. Bulk SMS for schools can be used to send promotional SMS regarding admissions and confirmation of enrolment


2. Bulk SMS4Schools enables you as a School Administrator to have a better relationship with the parents/guardians of your students because it is a way of communicating with them.

Notifications of students’ grades can also be sent to Parents or even students via Bulk SMS.


3. Every Organization needs to cut costs yet get the best and value for their money, so sending Bulk SMS is the best way to send information to people because it is cheaper than phone calls or any other means of communication.


4.  It is used to announce events, special offers, upcoming holidays and SPECIAL updates to the parents or guardian, it is used to also broadcast cancellation of events.

Bulk SMS can also be used to send reminders of Parents Teacher Association Meetings, examination and revision dates.


5. SMS4Schools enables parents to get notified about an emergency, sudden illness or absence of the students. This is to ensure that the students are safe at any time and it enables parents to know or monitor what is happening to their children per time.

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