What is SMS4Schools?

SMS4Schools is targeted at getting more people to know about your school, and passing information to the public and the parents/guardians of your students using bulk SMS.

It can be used by School Administrators, Principals, Proprietors and Proprietresses.

To get started is very easy. Click SIGN UP FOR BULK SMS and start sending SMS.

We can not over emphasize the use of Bulk SMS in schools.

It can be used to make announcements of resumption dates, upcoming trips, excursions, change in syllabus, Parent Teacher Association(PTA) Meetings, dates of holiday (Mid term Break, Public Holidays, Short and Long Holidays).

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The most important use of SMS4Schools is that it helps your school grow in population: When a lot of People read about your school in Bulk SMS they get from you, they will want to give your school a shot, especially when they know that your school is one of the best and its around their vicinity.

“Read more on How To Send Bulk SMS from your phone browser or laptop or desktop.”

Every parent wants to enrol their children in schools where, they can rest, assured that they are being given the best education and safety is guaranteed.

Now, to get started is very easy. All you need to do is to click SIGN UP FOR BULK SMS. When you click on this link, it takes you to our website where you can start sending your Bulk SMS to any other of your choice.

“You can also install the BULK SMS mobile app on any Android phone.”

There’s no limit to the number of recipients you can send Bulk SMS to. Instant delivery is guaranteed to all your numbers including DND active numbers.


For any enquiry, call 08185784118 or mail [email protected]






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