Benefits Of Bulk SMS In Nigeria

Bulk SMS  or Bulk messaging means you can send one text message to multiple numbers at once. But you need to sign up on bulk sms provider in nigeria on MultiTexter to be able to do that. Bulk messaging also means you can send one message (no matter how long) from the the best bulks sms site in Nigeria to people’s mobile phones at a click. Recipients can be as many as possible;100, 100,000 or millions of numbers.

bulk sms sites in nigeria

Certain Experts have proven that this works better than other mediums of communicating to people. People can get the message and read it, on the go. Below are the benefits of using sms for marketing purposes or other purposes;

Retain and get new customers; Business owners can compile and buy Numbers from our platform at a very cheap cost. You can Send Bulk Targeted SMS By State/LG & Sex With Our Mobile Database on our platform. Click buy bulk sms software and numbers.

bulk sms gateway nigeria

Churches/Mosques and any Religious institutions; Events can be well attended if leaders or managers of these institutions leverage on Bulk SMS. Both to invite and inform their members of special meetings, service etc.

Launch Sales Promotion Packages; It is easier to reach and inform your customers with promo packages and sales update via bulk sms. Its easy, reliable, fast and cheap.

It Saves Costs and Time; To send text messages from you mobile phone is costly and takes time. But to send a message via the bulk sms platform to large volume of numbers is cheap and fast. You can send and buy bulk sms from airtel or to all networks in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat etc) and also to networks outside Nigeria.


Support Product and Service; The Short messaging services (SMS) are helpful business tools, especially for those who operate on a low budget or are trying to cut cost. All organizations and persons can tap into the immense advantages that bulk messaging brings; they include,

Clubs; Notice of meetings, club dues payment, and internal communication amongst members can also be conveyed in text formats.

Get started by signing up on bulk sms free online and Purchase units as low as N400 (210 units) upward. Recharge are instant via Online payments, ATM machine, Bank Payment, Internet Transfer etc. For further Assistance Call 01-4539-791 or 081-8578-4118 or mail [email protected]

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