bulk sms for weddings

Getting your friends to organise your weddings has been made easy with SMS.

In case you are wondering “How to send the bulk SMS in Nigeria“, simply follow our suggested steps to gather friends to plan your wedding.

Step 1: Select your good friends that should be on the committee or that have shown interest to help you to plan your wedding.

Why WhatsApp Isn’t More Effective Than SMS.”

Step 2: Get all their phone contacts. Ensure these numbers are active so your friends get the bulk SMS.

Step 3: Open a free bulk SMS account online on Multitexter.com. You can download the bulk sms app on Playstore.

Step 4: Buy the bulk SMS units to enable you to send important text messages or SMS in bulk to all friends’ contacts. See more steps on how to buy bulk SMS in Nigeria.

Step 5: Now you have received your SMS units, you can now compose your meeting details (a day before the meeting), fill in your friends’ numbers and put in your name as the sender name or any choice of name.

bulk sms mobile app

Click image to download the bulk sms app

Step 6: With the MultiTexter bulk SMS App, you can easily select your phone contacts to send your bulk text messages. YOu can also the mobile website Multitexter.com

Step 7: If you need any further assistance, you can send a mail to [email protected] or 08185784118 (SMS/WhatsApp).

Bulk SMS is cheaper, easy and faster than the usual mobile sms. Get started by signing up on Multitexter.

“Statistics says 98% SMS are read compared to 22% of Email, 29% of Tweets, and 12% of Facebook posts.”




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