bulk sms nigeria

What stands bulk SMS out from your usual text message or SMS sent from your phone is the feature to CUSTOMIZE the sender name, because it won’t reflect the phone number on your smartphone.

Another magical thing is you can send to 100-10,000 numbers at once with just a click, as against sending to one number at a time on your phone.

Once you have signed up for bulk SMS on the website, and you have bought SMS units then you cn fill in your Business name or persona name or Group name as th Sender Name.

Read more here on suggested names and the guidelines.

MultiTexter bulk SMS in Nigeria helps users or is to send bulk sms and ensure their text messages deliver. The use of;

  1. Bulk SMS will get your messages faster and at a cheap rate.
  2. Bulk SMS  will reach a wider audience, unlimited contacts at once.
  3. Bulk SMS will connect with anyone who has a mobile phone, no internet needed.
  4. Bulk SMS cuts across all professions
  5. Bulk SMS is simple and easy to recharge, anywhere online.
  6. Bulk SMS allows you to customize sender name
  7. Bulk SMS allows for scheduling or sending your sms at a later time

You can get test the service right away by going to our homepage here.  You can download Multitexter SMS App on PLAYSTORE and BLACKBERRY OS10

bulk sms nigeria

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