Bulk SMS and Mobile Applications

“SMS is an undertapped product… Those who have added it to their product catalog have done very well with it,” says Voxox’s Tristan Barnum

The power of text messaging or sms cannot be undermined.  Mobile users constantly make and receive calls, sms, mms, emails, pings; the smartphone as its widely called has literally made us all smart. The proximity of the mobile phone is a plus and a great merit, has millions in turn-overs made by corporate organizations are outcomes. Marketing products and services has been redefined over the developing years as a result. Innovative strategies and creative ideas to attract customers and sustain their loyalty towards products are integrated into business.

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One of the tools of advertisement; sms marketing, is widely used. Irrespective of its competition with email marketing or social media marketing, the place and potential of sms cannot be over-emphasized. The social media presence of bulk sms in Nigeria for instance has created tangible awareness and opened the gate for massive penetration into its use. Facebook and linkedin are two platforms that speak to different demographs. The business owners and corporate workers or executives are very active on Linkedin.

The use of mobile applications has become the most effective method to get online customers and potential clients, as surfing the net or going through web urls and the likes are old-fashioned.

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