Our service for bulk sms users is the best and we like to keep it that way. Our platform and mobile applications are constantly updated to give you excellent delivery of bulk sms.

We take out time to explain your message status and the delivery code and what they indicate.

1. DELIVERED: Your message was successfully delivered to the recipients’ phone.

2. SENT: Your message was sent to operator, but yet to get a detailed report from GSM operator.

3. UNKNOWN: Your message was sent but undelivered with no details on the reason for its failure. This unknown error could happen due to GSM operator’s server. This could be because the recipient’s line ported with an error.

4. UNDELIVERED: Your message was not delivered. The recipient’s phone might be switched off or out of network coverage when sms was sent.

You know you could call someone’s phone number right next to you and you get ” The number you have dialed is switched off” or “not available” response. That’s a network problem.

5. REJECTED:  When you see this status, it means the recipient’s number has subcribed for DND (Do Not Disturb), especially MTN numbers. To unsubscribe from DND, click here.

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