Find New Customers on MultiTexter Bulk SMS in Nigeria

“Attracting more customers is really about listening to their needs, not being a solution looking for a problem,” – Paige Arnof-Fenn, founder, CEO Mavens & Moguls.

Business and Organizational growth usually don’t happen just by increasing the units of products or services, but more about the problems you are solving. If you really want growth, you must be able to reach and communicate with your targeted audience or customers to know their needs per time.

One way to reach for, or get new potential customers is via Sending Bulk SMS.  The most reliable and fastest Bulk SMS platform in Nigeria ( enables you to send personal messages to individual phone numbers in no limiting volume at very cheap prices. And you can buy Numbers based on Local Govt. Areas, Gender and States in Nigeria.

Click Register for Bulk SMS for free, and start sending promo messages about your products and services to your customers. For further Assistance Send a mail to [email protected] or Call 01-4539-791 or 081-8578-4118.

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