How Bulk SMS is Influencing Businesses & Lives

Every single person in the world has a mobile phone. With that fact, you will be blown away on how text messaging or sending sms or bulk sms has really made the difference in the last two decades.

bulk sms in nigeria

SMS marketing is growing tremendously with the incredible use of sms or bulk sms nigeria and by all categories of men and women; upwardly and economically mobile people. These people who also use social media also send and receive sms every day.

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Within a three month time frame ending November 2012, an average of 80 percent of mobile phone users engaged in bulk sms or text messaging. A report from Comscore survey shows. Apart from making calls, both smartphone and phone users did more texting or sent more SMS on daily basis. Not counting the number of SMS or text messages sent in bulk, using Bulk SMS service provider.

About 97% smartphone users send and receive about 35 text messages or SMS every day.” A Text message/SMS fact.

Text or SMS marketing is among the fastest growing due to its high delivery rate, high open rate and personal touch. And lots of organizations, business ventures, churches, event management outfits take advantage of this bulk sms provider strategy. Why? Because 90% of sms are read within 3 minutes of their delivery. What better way to reach your potential buyers, customers or audience.

bulk sms applications

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