Bulk SMS users find it easy to send their bulk text messages when their contacts or numbers are saved or uploaded on the MultiTexter Phonebook. It’s important to sign up for bulk SMS first so you can easily upload your contacts.

bulk sms nigeria

Click Image To Open A Bulk SMS Account

You can also convert your contacts in vcf. format to csv. format and upload right away.

  1. On your Laptop, hit Windows key + E to open up your Windows Explorer
  2. Go to C:\Users\Username\Contacts to get to your contacts directory followed by /contacts
  3. Click  Import at the top menu
  4. Select your vCard (VCF file) from the import list and click Import
  5. Navigate to the location of the RoundCube address book your exported, then click Open
  6. Then the contact file will open. Click OK on each contact in the address book so as to import the contacts.
  7. Once you’re done importing all the contacts, click on Close
  8. Click on one of your imported contacts and then hit Ctrl-A to select them all
  9. Now click on Export from the top menu
  10. Select CSV (Comma Separated Values), then click Export
  11. Click Browse…, name your file, then click Save followed by Next >
  12. Now select the fields you’d like to export and click Finish

To save your contacts on Excel sheet in CSV format, please follow the steps below;

bulk sms nigeria

Click Image to Install App To Send Bulk SMS Directly To Contacts

  1. Create a Contact list Name here.
  2. Go to Import contacts on Multitexter. Upload your EXCEL FILE (in CSV format) containing your contacts
  3. When sending your SMS on the compose bulk SMS page tick the contact list name, click “Insert Selected List” and send your SMS.

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