Whether you are a specialist or a businessman or strategist of bulk sms marketing, it’s always good to stay on top of best practices. This article outlines working ideas on how to develop your bulk sms campaigns or sms marketing campiagns.

1.  Make It Easy – When you ask a customer to join your list, keep the request to join easy to understand. Example: SMS, “demo” to 31996 to get a FREE sample. (This is your call-to-action)

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2.  Create Urgency – Give your customers a reason for having to join NOW with an expiration date. Example: EXP 15/August/2015 or Tonight only!

3.  Make It Convenient – Keep your text within 160 characters and be to the point in 2-3 sentences or less. This saves people time. If you have so much to write that it takes you two messages, chances are people won’t read all that in a bulk sms. Remember; fast, easy, to the point and with value. Bulk sms works that simple.

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4.  Does It Create Value? – What is the benefit for the customer? What’s the benefit for the business? Make sure the value of the bulk sms is enough to make it worth sending. The benefit for the customer is a  special deal or update. Bringing more customers in the door is yours, especially on a working bulk sms platform.

Watch out for more ideas on developing a working campaign.

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