How to Ensure Bulk SMS Delivery

With recent developments in the mobile communication system in Nigeria, certain measures have been taken by network operators. This is done to curb  out the abuse of bulk sms service, circumvent scam messages and prevent hackers from taking advantage of Bulk SMS services online.

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Apart from the DND service, please note the following information when sending Bulk SMS on

  1. Do not use the name of a brand (Coca-cola), GSM operator (e.g. GLO, MTN…), or a variation of these as your SENDER name.
  2. Avoid the use of words like CONGRATS, YHELLO, YELLOW and so on. Se more here
  3. bulk sms in nigeriaDo ensure you fill in all spaces when sending your bulk sms or text messages.
  4. Do not use numbers obtained through so-called GSM number generators; they are more than likely to generate numbers from which close to 50% would be non-existing numbers.
  5. On registering on the bulk sms gateway in Nigeria: Multitexter, use the one free unit to send a message to your own number to confirm delivery.
  6. Be aware that you can schedule your messages at the bottom of the SENDER Name.
  7. Also keep in mind that One Unit = 160 characters, which equals 1 SMS page.

To get started Click sign up for bulk sms in nigeria to register with and start sending bulk SMS.

For further assistance, mail [email protected] or Call 01-4539791.

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