How To Import Your Contacts From Android, Blackberry or Gmail Into Your MultiTexter Phonebook

If you are an Android or Blackberry user and you have your Gmail Account connected to either of them, then you can access your contacts on your PC or Laptop. Steps 1-6 for Transferring Blackberry Contacts, while Steps 7-12 for Transferring Android/Gmail Account Contacts in your MultiTexter Phonebook.

You Can Download MultiTexter SMS App by Clicking MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore

  1. Enable Bluetooth from your Blackberry network settings.
  2. Pair your Blackberry device with your PC or Laptop
  3. Once pairing is complete, click your newly paired device, then press the BB menu button.
  4. Select “Transfer Contacts” from the menu options
  5. A notification stating how many contacts are being processed will be displayed.
  6. Accept the VCard file -this contains all your contacts (Phonebook.vcf) and save it on your Desktop. Open it then Copy all contacts into an excel sheet. bulk sms recharge
  7. Or If you have a Gmail Account (synchronized to any smartphone device: Android or Blackberry), log into your Gmail account on your Laptop/PC
  8. Then Click Google Contacts.
  9. Your Contact list will be displayed in Names and Numbers. Check all contacts from top
  10. Click on More, then click Export.
  11. An Export-Contact Pop-Up window will come up, Select your contacts and make sure it is in this format- Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account)
  12. Now you have your contacts as an excel sheet file.
  13. Copy the Names and Numbers only into a New Excel Sheet page. Ensure you input Names in Column A and Numbers in Column B Example; Jumoke Azeez (Column A) 08012345678 (Column B)
  14. Then Save as in .csv format (Click Extreme top left, Click Save as, Click Other formats, Click CSV Comma delimited *.csv). Read more on Steps To Import The Excel File Into Your MultiTexter Phonebook.
  15. Then Log into your Multitexter Account with your email address and password Here or click sign up bulk sms free online if you don’t have an account with MultiTexter
  16. Click IMPORT to Import Contacts
  17. Now finally, Upload the Excel sheet containing your contacts from desktop into your Phonebook. You can create a list for your contacts. So you can have different lists for different contact numbers.

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For further Assistance Call 01-4539-791 or 081-8578-4118 or mail [email protected]

Note: You can schedule messages. And 1 unit of SMS equals 160 characters (1 page). Here are other fantastic features you can enjoy on using Multitexter SMS:

  • Send messages with Customized sender name of up to 11 characters (and up to 14 for numeric sender name)
  • Send personalized SMS messages by uploading an excel or text file with multiple personalized messages.
  • Execute SMS Campaigns allowing you to send messages to thousands of recipients with just a click.
  • Automatically filter duplicated and invalid numbers from recipients list
  • Automatically Extract Phone numbers from text
  • Easily upload and import Contacts and Phone numbers to your phone book so you don’t have to type them out each time.
  • Manage all your messages, sent messages and drafts easily.
  • Schedule Messages for delivery at a later time with just a click
  • Compose Multi-page Messages, allowing you to send more than 160 characters as a continuous single message
  • See Delivery reports for every mobile number in each message you send.

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